Face the World Holistic Facial


Beauty for Soul and Skin Combined

Journey around the world with the unique Face The World® holistic facial experience.

Face The World®

Is a unique,
holistic facial experience
designed to nourish your skin
and enlighten your soul.

Surrender your senses to our magical touch, divine fragrances, luxurious textures and blissful melodies while you are pampered on an indulgent journey around the world.

Unlike other facials, Face The World® treatment is unique.

Each facial will take you to four different countries where the music, aromas, techniques, temperatures and textures represent each country visited, including Ocean Rain skin drench stage – and all within the same facial treatment!

This amazing holistic and cultural experience will truly awaken and indulge both your skin physically and your soul spiritually.

Combining cutting edge technology and premium active naturals in an effective, paraben-free system suitable for all skin types.

Your Journey starts here…

Your Journey includes a cleanse, tone, exfoliation, mask, a divine ocean rain skin drench to further enrich your skin and deeply relax your body and mind, a complimentary mini treatment of your choice, all concluding with a heavenly moisturise.

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