Reiki can benefit babies, toddlers and children.  Why stop at just having healing for yourself bring the amazing benefits to your family.

REIKI BABIES – With my experience in giving babies Reiki they soak it up like a sponge, as they have no emotional blockages like adults.

Reiki for babies helps them sleep better, has huge advantages with colic, reflux, teething and any after effects from traumatic birth.

REIKI CHILDREN – Children have an abundance of energy and due to this they can find it hard to rest, relax & switch off.  Reiki can help calm any excess mental activity, reduce stress levels and bring balance to there emotions.  Reiki can help with concentration levels and generally balance and bring harmony to them.

REIKI TEENAGERS – Teenage years can be quite a tough time.  It’s the time when we are expected to start our journey into adulthood.  It can be quite confusing, hormonal, fearful, lonely and sometimes misunderstood.  The pressures from social media, exams, achieving academically and career pressure.  Friendship and social group pressure too.  Reiki may not change what’s going on in Teenage life but it will give you calm, confidence and clarity.

Reiki can help with:

Feeling anxious, nervous or shy.  Difficulty in being not understood.  Period Pains and Hormones.  Emotions such as anger, sadness, or feeling lonely.  Bullying or people being unkind.  Relationship issues.  Low self esteem and confidence.  Exam and study pressure.

Treatment Cost for Children start from £25.